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Becoming Strangers by Louise Dean 

Release Date: 19th September 2017
Publisher: Kritikme
Genres: Saga

November is National Novel Writing Month or otherwise known as NaNoWriMo. Having completed the madness that is NaNo in 2015 I wish I'd had these fantastic tips from Louise Dean. Although Louise's tips discuss writing a novel over the course of 90 days rather than 30 but still very useful! So, here are some useful tips for you to file away when you are ready to write that bestseller!! Louise has very kindly included a discount code for her novel writing course at the end of her tips So, what are you waiting for!?

Top Ten Writing Tips to Write a Novel in 90 Days

1.      Put your novel first for 90 days

Imagine your novel as a jealous God. It needs to be put first for the 90 days of your life. The only excuses are children or emergencies.

It’s only 0.3% of your life to write an hour a day. Put your novel first and get it finished.

2.      Read and Write. Every day

The best way to stick to something is to integrate it into your routine. Write every day at the same time, same place.

The same with reading. Make sure you read and absorb the words of others to keep you inspired.

If you do these two things, and go about your normal activities, you will see your writing begin to flourish.

3.      No binge writing

Remember that slow and steady wins the race. A solid hour of writing a day will be enough to get that novel finished. Have faith and remember not to skip a day.

Over indulging in binge writing will only mean that you burn out. A steady one hour a day is the way forward.

4.      Don’t sweat the word count

5.      Don’t think plot, think character

Don’t spend time worrying about the plot, think about the character and the problem instead. Think about what they want and adjust accordingly.

6.      Don’t let go of your notebook

Keep your notebook with you at all times. For the entire 90 days, record the thoughts and insights you find in your daily life.

7.      Create freely

Write freely into a notebook, and type them up for your very first edit.

The first draft is all about freely creating materials and heading back to the notebook and diaries of your childhood.

8.      Leave the editing till later

Don’t be tempted to go back over the work you have done and tweak it. Get the story down before you decide what to include and what to leave out.

9.      Keep the pedals moving

You have two pedals – one is writing, and one is reading. When one runs out of juice, use the other to take the pressure off.

10.  Journaling

Keep a journal of your novel writing journey. Evidence proves that this works a treat. You will find it very valuable to show that you suffered and worried but you found a solution to get through it. Many great writers have done this.

11.  And one final tip…

Write a great sentence that no one has written before, that is only true for you. Write a beautiful, sad, funny, perhaps controversial or contentious.

Delete the sentence after this. It is almost certain that you went too far, exaggerated and spoilt the effect of the first. This is the most common error, and if you catch it sooner rather than later you will be on your way to a great novel.


Louise Dean is an award-winning author published by Penguin and Simon & Schuster and nominated for The Dublin International Literary Award, The Guardian First Book Prize, and the Man Booker Prize. She is the founder of Kritikme.com, an online creative writing course which teaches people how to write a novel in ninety days. You can get a 10% discount on this course by using the code MYNOVEL10 at the check-out.  


After more than half a century of marriage, Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together. Three decades younger, Jan and Annemieke are taking their last, as illness and incompatibility bring their unhappy union to an end. At first the luxury of a Caribbean resort is no match for the well-worn patterns of domestic life. Then the couples' paths cross, and a series of surprises ensues - a disappearance and an assault - but also a tempest of passions, slights, misunderstandings, and small awakenings that punctuate a week in which each pair struggles to come to terms with what's been keeping them apart. 

A hit with readers and critics alike when it was published, Becoming Strangers is a different kind of love story, in which there's seldom a happy ending but sometimes a chance to redeem a life half-lived.


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