Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Year at Meadowbrook Manor by Faith Bleasdale

Release Date: 25th January2018
Publisher: Avon
Genres:  Romantic Comedy

One divided family, one life-changing year…

Harriet Singer hasn’t been home in ten years. When her beloved dad dies suddenly, she races to be there for her estranged siblings, despite the memories it brings back.

Then Harriet learns that all four Singer siblings must live together for one year, caring for their dad’s Animal Sanctuary, or forfeit their inheritance.

Living under the same roof could make or break the family, but it’s time Harriet stopped running and faced her past. Especially when her first love turns up…

A heart-warming story about love, hope and family, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley and Heidi Swain.


Extract 6 – Chapter 4, 38-39  

‘Right, so probably all of you know how important that sanctuary has become to me.’ Andrew shifted in his chair.

‘But it’s also important to Connor, and the village and – most of all – to the animals we help. Year on year we have grown in size, had so many different animals, and as well as my children, and the house, it really is my pride and joy. So the second condition is that you run the animal sanctuary with Connor, to ensure it stays open, thrives, which also involves raising money for it; an amount that you will find specified in the exact terms.’

‘Oh God, no.’ Freddie put his head in his hands.

‘Oh yes.’ It was scary how their father seemed to hear them. Or maybe, Harriet thought, he actually knew them much better than they gave him credit for. ‘I expect you to help Connor, I expect you all to get your hands dirty – you’ve become too soft the lot of you – but more than that, you will also take over my role, which was the finances among other things. We raise money by holding village fĂȘtes, open days and all sorts of events. It not only brings in money but it helps to involve the community of Parker’s Hollow and keeps the sanctuary profile raised. If it thrives under your management, that will also ensure you all get to share the bulk of my estate. But, of course, if you don’t raise the funds specified, then you forfeit any right to the money or the house.’ He took another drink out of his tumbler. ‘And it will all go elsewhere.’ He sat back looking triumphant.

Harriet didn’t know how to describe the emotions that she was feeling. Just what was her father thinking? They had barely been able to keep a goldfish alive between them as children. How on earth were the four of them supposed to run an animal sanctuary? As well as live together at Meadowbrook? It was utter madness.



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