Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Hey guys! Its been a long time since I've written a personal post on the blog but I wanted to share a bit of news with everyone. Last week I found out I've been successful in getting a promotion in work. I'm very lucky in that the new post now gives me 2 full days off each week. So, I've decided to concentrate on my own writing during those 2 days off. And, in order to fully commit to this I've decided to take a short sabbatical from organising blog tours. At this moment in time I'm just not sure how long that will be for. All tours up to the end of September will of course be honoured and anyone who has booked a tour after that will  be notified and directed to another tour coordinator.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support. I've worked with a wonderful bunch of people, particularly all the superb tour hosts who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Brook Cottage Books became a name that we could all be proud of. The blog will continue to run as a book blog as it always has been and I'll be continuing to support authors and publishers with book reviews, guest posts and author interviews. I'll even be taking part in blog tours...........except someone else will be organising them!

I'm very excited about this new chapter in my life and a little nervous. The plan had always been for me to take a break from the tours to write more but the opportunity had never presented itself until now.  I'm super excited to be spending more time writing. It will be lovely to think about promoting my own book at some point in the future. Who knows............I might actually finish my novel and I'll be appearing on your blog! Well, that's the plan! I hope you will all continue to support Brook Cottage Books and I'll be back to organising tours again in the future. I may be back sooner than planned because I miss being a control freak and organising the tours. I may turn into a mad writer type person and drive my family nuts and they might beg me to go back to blog tour organising. But, until I try it I'll never know. I'm going to embrace this new part of my journey head on........with a glass of wine in my hand probably!  Thank you once again. Peace. x


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  1. I hope it all works out brilliantly for you, and that you have as much success as a writer as you had as a blog tour organiser. xx

  2. Wishing you well with your 'new life' Debbie xx

  3. Thank you for all the organized blog tours for my novels. Hardly waiting for you to be back in blog tours organizing saddle again, however I wish you all the best with your novel.

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