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Christmas at Liberty's by Fiona Ford

Series: Liberty Girls #1
Release Date: 15th November 2018
Publisher: Arrow / Cornerstone
Genres:  Romance / war-time Saga

The first novel in the Liberty Girls series will be loved by fans of Elaine Everest, Nancy Revell and Mr Selfridge.

‘A wonderful, uplifting story of friendship and courage. Characters that you can't help falling in love with! This new saga series will surely touch the hearts of saga readers everywhere’ Nancy Revell, author of the Shipyard Girls series.

'A Liberty treasure chest of silks, satin, lace and ribbons with gritty wartime passion at its very core. A gem!' - Daisy Styles, author of the Bomb Girls series.

September, 1941: Mary arrives in war-torn London nursing a broken heart and a painful secret.
When she is offered her dream post as an assistant in the fabric department at Liberty store, she knows this is the fresh start she needs. Amid the store’s vibrant prints and sumptuous interiors, Mary finds a new family who can help her to heal.
But not everyone will give Mary such a warm welcome, and the trauma of her past will soon catch up with her.

As Mary and the Liberty Girls endure the heartache and uncertainty of war, it will take a steady heart to keep the magic of Christmas alive.


December 1925
As the familiar pinpricks of light danced invitingly up ahead, the little girl stopped in the middle of the crowded street, unable to tear her gaze away. The sight of the spar­kling shop windows always sent a thrill down her spine and she wanted to drink it all in.

Every Christmas, together with her mother and sister, Mary visited London to buy gifts for the family, and this store was always the highlight of the trip. The black and white mock-Tudor building looked like it belonged in a fairy-tale rather than in the heart of London. She was eager to step inside.

Glancing up, Mary realised her mother was too busy telling off her younger sister to have even noticed where they were. She bit her lip in irritation. Clarissa was always spoiling things, and this time Mary had had enough. Before she could change her mind, Mary let go of her mother’s hand and dashed through the crowds of Christmas shop­pers, determined to claim her prize.

Ignoring her mother’s cries, she charged on, darting through legs, dodging shopping bags and rounding per­ambulators. Finally reaching the window, she let out a gasp of delight. Up close the display was even more magi­cal and she pressed her face against the glass. At the centre of the window was the largest Christmas tree Mary had ever seen. It towered above her, ablaze with fairy lights, each bulb sparkling like the brightest stars in the sky. In between the lights, glittering tinsel in hues of red, gold and green hugged the branches, while glass baubles in every colour dangled tantalisingly from the pine. The girl had never seen anything so beautiful and, as her gaze strayed to the mound of Christmas presents elegantly wrapped in red and green paper and topped off with a silver or gold ribbon, she shook her head in wonder.

Just then, she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder. Startled, she looked up at its owner, only to come face to face with her mother.

‘Mary! You mustn’t run off like that,’ the woman exclaimed.

‘I’m sorry, Mummy,’ the girl said in a small voice, ‘I just wanted to see the lights. They’re so pretty.’

The woman’s face softened as she turned away from Mary and gazed back towards the window. ‘They’re rather special, aren’t they?’

‘I’ve never seen anything so magical, Mummy. I want to climb inside.’

Mary’s mother turned her gaze back to the child and smiled. ‘Well, why don’t we see if they’ll let you and Clarissa do just that?’

‘Do you really think they will?’ the child gasped.

The woman winked, holding out her hand for her daughter to hold. ‘This is Liberty’s, darling. Dreams come true here.’

Extracted from Christmas at Liberty’s by Fiona Ford (Arrow, paperback, £6.99).


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Libertys-Liberty-Girls-Fiona-ebook/dp/B07FDLXLXC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542048064&sr=8-1&keywords=christmas+at+libertys https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Libertys-Liberty-Girls-Fiona-ebook/dp/B07FDLXLXC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542048965&sr=8-3&keywords=christmas+at+liberty%27s 


Fiona spent many years as a journalist writing for women’s weekly and monthly magazines before becoming a full time author, and uses her journalistic experience researching her books.  Fiona tirelessly combed the Westminster Archives and Liberty records for details about what life was really like working in London and Liberty’s during WWII, lending a true sense of authenticity to her writing. Fiona is also the author of the A Pug Like Percy books under the pseudonym, Fiona Harrison, as well as two sagas in her own name in the Spark Girls series. Fiona lives in Berkshire with her partner. Find out more about Fiona at www.fionaford.co.uk.

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