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De Bohun's Destiny by Carolyn Hughes
Series: The Meonbridge Chronicles #3
Release Date: 3rd May 2019
Publisher: Riverdown Books
Genres: Historical Fiction

How can you uphold a lie when you know it might destroy your family?
It is 1356, seven years since the Black Death ravaged Meonbridge, turning society upside down. Margaret, Lady de Bohun, is horrified when her husband lies about their grandson Dickon’s entitlement to inherit Meonbridge. She knows that Richard lied for the very best of reasons – to safeguard his family and its future – but lying is a sin. Yet she has no option but to maintain her husband’s falsehood... 
Margaret’s companion, Matilda Fletcher, decides that the truth about young Dickon’s birth really must be told, if only to Thorkell Boune, the man she’s set her heart on winning. But Matilda’s “honesty” serves only her own interests, and she’s oblivious to the potential for disaster.
For Thorkell won’t scruple to pursue exactly what he wants, by whatever means are necessary, no matter who or what gets in his way…
If you enjoy well-researched, immersive historical fiction, with strong female characterisation and a real sense of authenticity, you’ll love De Bohun’s Destiny, the third Meonbridge Chronicle, set in the mid-14th century, in the turbulent and challenging years that followed the social devastation wrought by the Black Death. Discover for yourself if, in Meonbridge, it is Margaret or Matilda, right or might, truth or falsehood, that wins the day...

The Meonbridge Chronicles is a series that has managed to surprise and delight me with each book. Initially not a huge fan of historical fiction, this series is one that has pleasantly changed my mind and now the genre is right up there as one of my favourites. I've loved how the characters have evolved with each book and De Bohun's Destiny is so far my favourite in the series. Easily read as a standalone  I'd definitely recommend you read all the books as they are so enjoyable and I feel help give a better perspective on each character's history and personality.

De Bohun's destiny takes us on a further journey through Meonbridge and a secret that threatens to tear a family apart. And the holder of that secret, Margaret must reconcile doing what she knows is right against doing her duty to her husband and her family. Margaret's companion Matilda knows what needs to be done, whatever her motives for doing so. However, the consequences are far reaching for all concerned.

This is a beautifully written, well paced and well researched book that is so easily to fall into and lose yourself in the characters. Carolyn Hughes and constructed a world where social standing is all and secrets and lies are abound. There are twists, turns and surprises around every corner. As per the other books in the series, the author has obviously extensively researched this era and it shows in the writing. And, like every good book there are some horrible villains ready and waiting in the wings to bring down everyone and destroy lives. 

If you love historical fiction then you must read this book. Not only does it have an amazing story but it provides beautiful insight into what life was like in the 14th Century for those who had title and standing in the community and more importantly, for those who had little. It's difficult to review this book without giving too much away but suffice to say, that once you dip your toe into the Meonbridge Chronicles, you'll never want to leave. De Bohun's destiny is up there on my list of highly recommended reads. You can check out my reviews for book 1 Fortune's Wheel HERE and book 2 A Woman's Lot HERE. 

CAROLYN HUGHES was born in London, but has lived most of her life in Hampshire. After completing a degree in Classics and English, she started her working life as a computer programmer, in those days a very new profession. But it was when she discovered technical authoring that she knew she had found her vocation. She spent the next few decades writing and editing all sorts of material, some fascinating, some dull, for a wide variety of clients, including an international hotel group, medical instrument manufacturers and the government.
She has written creatively for most of her adult life, but it was not until her children grew up and flew the nest several years ago that writing historical fiction took centre stage in her life. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Portsmouth University and a PhD from the University of Southampton.
De Bohun’s Destiny is the third novel in the MEONBRIDGE CHRONICLES series. A fourth novel is under way.

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