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Buried Treasure by Gilli Allan
Release Date: 14th June 2019
Publisher: Gilli Allan
Genres: Contemporary Fiction

Check out the fantastic new cover for Buried Treasure by Gilli Allan. The book has been relaunched and is looking great! You can check out some of my reviews and promo posts for Gilli's other books by putting her name into the search function at the top of the page.

Book Blurb

Jane thinks he sees her as shallow and ill-educated. Theo thinks she sees him as a snob, stuffy and out of touch.

Within the ancient precincts of the university the first encounter between the conference planner and the academic is accidental and unpromising. Just as well there’s no reason for them ever to meet again. But behind the armour they’ve each constructed from old scars, they’ve more in common than divides them. Both have an archaeological puzzle they are driven to solve. As their stories intertwine, their quest to uncover the past unearths more than expected. 


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I have some wonderful reviews. Here is a quote from just one from Clare Chase – author. “A compelling read. It was so many things: a love story, a hunt for clues to lost secrets, a fascinating look at how our past experiences shape us, and how we can heal even after damage.”
Hyper-sensitive about her lack of education and damaged by a disastrous love-affair begun when she was a teenager, Jane Smith is constantly driven to prove herself and to shore up her fragile self-esteem. Most importantly in her eyes, she has to get everything “right”. In the early stages of carving out a career as an Events Organizer, Jane arrives at Lancaster College (part of an ancient university) to scope it out as a possible venue for a conference she is organizing.
Theo Tyler is a ‘desk’ archaeologist working as a part-time teacher at Lancaster College. His background makes him a curiosity to some – had his mother not been a rebel, overthrowing family expectation and privilege - his own passage through life would have been gilded. The reality was chaotic, further marred by a destructive relationship. He hates people’s fascination with his parentage rather than in his present achievements.
There is no necessity for Jane and Theo ever to meet. He is part of the faculty, but she is there to meet and be shown around by the hospitality manager, so their first encounter is unplanned and unpromising, but….
Jane has a family connection to a significant historic archaeological discovery and Theo wants to organize a conference.
The story follows the gradual interweaving of their interests and the breaking-down of their preconceptions. The unlikely friendship that grows up between them leads to a place neither expected, proving that treasure is not always what it seems.

Gilli Allan began to write in childhood - a hobby pursued throughout her teenage. Writing was only abandoned when she left home, and real life supplanted the imaginary kind.

After a few false starts she worked longest and most happily as an illustrator in advertising and only began writing again when she became a mother.

Living in Gloucestershire with her husband Geoff, Gilli is still a keen artist. She draws and paints and has now moved into book illustration.

All of her recent books TORN, LIFE CLASS, FLY or FALL and BURIED TREASURE have gained ‘Chill with a Book’ awards.
Following in the family tradition, her son, historian Thomas Williams, is now also a writer.

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