Every Child is Entitled to Innocence

I am very proud to say that I am a part of the wonderful Plum Tree group and have contributed to their projects directly. I shall be using this page to promote all Plum Tree Projects and I hope that you enjoy hearing all about Plum Tree. I took part in a great project called Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence, writing under the name JB Johnston. My contribution is called A Different Kind of Love Affair. Check it out! The idea for this story was taken from a blog post I wrote and just kind of snowballed from there!
The idea behind this book was to gather as many stories about childhood - the good and the bad, and put them together in this wonderful anthology which shows that our difficult beginnings can in fact shape us to lead more positive lives. The idea of the book was also to celebrate wonderful childhoods fill with love. And, best of all, the proceeds of this book are donated to Child Helpline International which is a charity set up to help children all around the world who are suffering abuse or in need of food, shelter and advice. Check out their site HERE . The book can be bought in Kindle format HERE (UK) and HERE (Worldwide) . Anyway, I'll let the lovely and talented Niamh Clune tell you all about Plum Tree Books and her personal journey with the group.
What's in a book? Everything Imaginable!
...So began my Plum Tree Books journey two years ago. ​​

At the time, I was completely new to social networking. In fact, it had never been something I was attracted to. At first, the trials and tribulations of creating a blog, understanding the terminology, the Internet Speak, was, I felt, completely beyond me. I wrote amusing posts about being an Internet Klutz: the things that went wrong on the release day of my first novel, Orange Petals In a Storm. All things Kindle stretched my technological boundaries to breaking point!
Self-promotion is no fun. I wondered if my role as author meant I would have to do the rounds, telling people only about the writing process in the hope of enticing a few buyers. I didn't want to be limited in this way. I wanted to use my blog to write about anything and everything. After all, I AM a writer. I love writing. I am compulsive. I need to write. Could I write about all the subjects that engage me when the blogging, social networking gurus tell you to stick to one thing and to do it well? My specialist subject is Psychology. Psychotherapy had been my career for more than 30 years.
However, I have professed many careers that have spanned many subjects, including music and performance, working for charities, campaigning, being a social entrepreneur. I don't like being repetitious. Repetition, whilst helping us to perfect certain things, can stifle creativity. I decided that creating a successful brand for Plum Tree Books needed more than sticking to a formula.
My relationship with Social Networking began because I was trying to sell my own books. I soon found out that social networking is not a medium through which to sell. As a novice, I took the advice of those-in-the-know. You know the ones I mean...they sell a million and then tell you how they did it. Trouble is, lightening never strikes twice in the same place. Being encouraged to, Like, the works of fellow authors in order to receive some, Likes, back was, to be honest, anathema to my spirit. It wasn't long before I broke free of the Facebook or LinkedIn groups I had been encouraged to join.
My involvement with Facebook did, however, enable me to meet some exceptional talents, with whom I developed creative, reliable relationships. I decided not to promote my own books, except to let people know they are there. I loathe the hard-sell-in-your-face. I am good at promoting others. I hope I sell a few of my own books along the way.
It has taken two years to develop Plum Tree Books into the distinctive site that it is today. It has evolved into a modest enterprise. Plum Tree Books is about quality over quantity and plum-picking the best!​We are committed to finding rare and exciting new talents in the fields of Art, Literature and Music and combining these mediums in new ways to bring unique, and special gifts to grace your coffee table.
Geisha by Susie Bertie. (exquisite range poem cards).
Now I will tell you what we do. We focus on our beautiful strengths. We are creating a niche for ourselves by bringing poetry alive again, combining it with exquisite art, reciting it to musical soundscapes. Our poetry books support causes such as the Song Of Sahel Poetry Anthology, or Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence, in which I brought together poets and artists from all the world to express the inexpressible in solidarity for those suffering or living in dire circumstances. We wil publish a few, rare and beautifully written inspirational, healing or quirky books, just one or two each year. Our children's books are illustrated by outstanding international artists. One of our artists, Sicilian born, Maria Antonietta Terrana, has just been awarded the Van Gogh Prize.
Sunflowers by Maria Antonietta Terrana...(illustration for George & The Frog.)
Our children's stories aim to teach children about the garden eco-system, how everything serves a purpose. A second series will teach young children about their emotions. We have just released a new collection of carefully chosen, gorgeous greetings cards, which come with attachable poems to meet most occasions. These make beautiful gifts and can be ordered from our web-site. A small pack of attachable poems is the perfect card accessory.

accompanying attachable poem by Niamh Clune:
I'll grow a tree just for you
with diamonds on
and chocolates too
and tell the silver moon to cast
a light upon you,
on all you see
on all you be
beneath my sparkle shiny tree
We are very new to commerce and developing our brand based on the art work of the extraordinary, Marta Pelrine-Bacon from Austin, Texas. Basically, our brand expresses what we are passionate about! We have a virtual coffee shop on our web-site also, where poets can post their poems and people can share what they are passionate about.
Expect some wonderful releases coming soon. Watch this space!
(Halloween, renamed, The Spell Tree, by Marta Pelrine Bacon )
Orange Petals in a Storm:
The Coming Of The Feminine Christ:

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