Due to the MASSIVE amount of requests for reviews, Brook Cottage is unable to accept any more review requests at present, unless part of a book tour or promo. This will hopefully help me work my way through my reading list. I appreciate the patience of all authors who have been waiting for me to review their work. I will still be hosting authors etc and all the usual bookish things that I do. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding my availability. Many thanks.

I am happy to receive requests for book reviews via email. Please be aware that I have a very long list of books waiting to review but I am happy to read and review your book in time for a launch or promotion if I can. Please give as much notice as is possible. Last minute requests can't always be accommodated. Please email me well in advance with details and I will attempt to slot your book in. Book tours, launches and promotions all take priority so please be patient. Aside from reading books for reviews and helping with promotions I also hold down a full time job. Please do not send me your book without first making contact!
I accept e-books as I have a kindle and paperbacks / hardbacks. I prefer not to receive books in PDF format as I find they don't always transfer over to the Kindle well. Mobi copies are preferable as they transfer well to the Kindle. I will email you a copy of my review prior to it being posted on the blog. Please remember that all reviews are my own opinions and I am not paid to write them. I do not charge for reviews. Giving me a book does not guarantee I will like it and want to write a review. However, I do not write unkind book reviews so if I find your book was not to my taste, then I will inform you via email and the review will not appear on the blog. 

Should you require further feedback via email I am happy to provide this but please understand that I am not a professional and all feedback is based solely on my own personal opinions. A paid professional in the publishing world might have a different view on your book. I will continue to respect you as an author and expect the same back. I have experienced some very rude authors who have reacted in a wholly inappropriate manner whenever I have chosen not to review their books. If you have an issue please email me directly. Thank you.

I accept books from authors of all genres but sometimes I may decide not to read and review a particular book due to either personal tastes or review commitments. I will not review or promote books with strong political or religious viewpoints. I fully support authors of all writing backgrounds and I am happy to accept books from indie authors. All my reviews also appear on  Goodreads and Amazon and whatever other site the author wishes it to go on.

I really hope you enjoy the blog and the reviews posted.


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  1. Hi Jonty, would love you to review Between Today and Yesterday on Brook Cottage Books, it's in your TBR pile!

    Have a wonderful Christmas

    Jo xx

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