Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sophie's run is the 2nd book in the Rock Star Romance Series. I have not read Sophie's Turn, the first in the series but it was very easy to get into Sophie's Run as it could be read as a stand alone novel. Although, saying that, after reading the book I now want to go back and read Sophie's Turn as my interest in the character's and their history and been suitably piqued!
The book follows Sophie and her ex fiance Dan, an international rock star. Despite Sophie breaking off her engagement to Dan after the realisation that he will never commit to her, they remain close and loving friends. Sophie is holding out for love at first sight, or as she calls it, 'A thunder and lightening bolt' type of epiphany to alert her to her perfect man! All the while, Dan remains a loyal friend. Does he have an ulterior motive? Can Sophie trust him? 
A very brief encounter with an unknown stranger convinces Sophie that she has met that man, in the form of Steve. However, she doesn't know who he is or where he is! A series of coincidences and circumstances soon reunite the pair and it seems that Sophie may have actually found the man of her dreams. Or has she? Will Steve be all she hopes?
However, all does not remain well with Sophie and her closest friends, Dan included, find that they are having to support Sophie through difficult times. To Sophie's surprise however, a startling discovery leads to Sophie taking drastic action to get away from the drama and her so called friends and she disappears to reassess her life and relationships. She ends up in the most unlikely of places and forms friendships within her new and interesting community.
Nicky Wells has created such an array of likable and interesting characters and I have to say that I kinda fell in love with Dan a little bit. And Steve. I can see why Sophie fell for them. Oh heck can I have them both? The story had me hooked from page one and I became completely immersed in the story. There were a few awwww moments in the book and a few that made me all warm and fuzzy! Its an absolutely great rock and roll romance from a very talented writer.  I let out a little squeal after reading the very last page! Now I am desperate now to read the next instalment in the series as I need my Dan fix...........oh and Steve......ummmm. I'm not greedy. Honest.


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  1. LOL, JB, you can be greedy all you like! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed Sophie's Run ~ even more so as this was your introduction to the series and my fictional characters! Thank you for your honest, candid and enthusiastic review, you put a big smile on my face. Thanks also, yet again, for all your support ~ it means the world. ROCK ON!

  2. Mandy says:

    Great post! I think we're all awaiting for the Encore!

    Mandy :)

  3. Janice says:

    Oh my goodness - two men to fall in love with is tooooo much - lol!
    And a reader squealing at the end of a book is always a sign of longed-for sequel. Congrats Nicky - fab review!!

    Janice xx

  4. Linda MacDonald says:

    My interest also piqued! :)

  5. Patricia says:

    Jonty, you temptress you! How can we possible wait to read this? Nicky always delivers the goods and then leaves us eagerly anticipating more! Off to download!

  6. Haw, haw! JB, put 'em down! No, you cannot have them both. Anyway, Dan's mine! Fab review! Thanks for sharing! :) xx

  7. This is a fabulous series by Nicky Wells and I think you aren't alone in eagerly awaiting that encore.... fab review JB and well done Nicky!

  8. Thank you all for your FABULOUS comments and for visiting! :-) XX

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