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Welcome to the The Couple on the Green Blog Tour!
Come and take the emotional journey that is The Couple on The Green and find out about the book readers are raving about.

What they say:
'The course of true love never did run smooth, but is holding onto true love worth a lifetime of pain? Isobel and James are the couple everyone wants to be; wildly in love, compatible in every way and caught up in the sexually adventurous haze of young love, but just as they accept this life as theirs forever it is torn away from them. Theirs is the tale of an all-encompassing love-of-a-lifetime and the excruciating pain that so often accompanies it. This is the story of the love we all search for, but few can hold onto. James and Isobel get a second chance, but is it ever possible to get a happy ending?'

  A message from author, Avie Bennett: Hello! Thank you SO much to Brook Cottage Books for having me as Guest blogger for the day. It's really lovely to be writing to a new audience and thank you for reading thus far. I'll try to keep it interesting, so in the unlikely event that you have a burning desire to catch up on the mundanity of life in my world - feel free to catch up with me on twitter and I'll be sure to follow back and engage. I'm incredibly proud to present to you The Couple on The Green, my debut novel. The inspiration for the story came from a real-life elderly couple who I used to watch from my own kitchen window, which overlooks the village green. I adore watching and talking to elderly people – I think they have so many fascinating stories and insights and I watched this couple daily for about five years until they sadly disappeared. Although their lives were unknown to me - and despite trying, I still haven't managed to find out who they were - it set my mind aglow with possibilities and I started to form twenty years' worth of desire to write a novel into something that vaguely resembled a plotline. As is often the case for authors, it just took on a life of its own from there and the storyline became obvious to me. My leading lady, Isobel, wears her heart-on-her-sleeve, gets hurt a lot, loves deeply, forgives readily and has friendships that last a lifetime. Isobel has many tragedies and hardships throughout her life and the question in my mind throughout the writing process was: is it better to feel deeply and face being hurt deeply, or to not have the depth of feelings and not feel the resulting pain when life doesn't go according to plan. I think the answer is different for everyone, but I'd love you to read the book and to hear your thoughts on that. That's me for now, but I love chatting and catching up with people, so please feel free to get in touch and tell me what you think. Avie xxx    

'This is really an excellent debut, perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks and lovely romantic (even heart-breaking) stories.'
- Marina, This Chick Reads

Author Bio:
Avie Bennett started writing at the age of fourteen and never really stopped. She's had her work published in magazines, journals and newspapers but says she 'never really thought' to write a novel. That is, until recently when a burning desire bound her to do so.
Avie lives with her husband and children in Hampshire, England. When not writing, she can be found enjoying other creative pursuits such as art, music and photography.
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