Thursday, 23 January 2014

A business opportunity suddenly presents itself to Hilary in the form of the very shy but very talented chef Ben. Together, the couple buy an old mill and renovate it to become a popular restaurant set in idyllic countryside. The Restaurant @ The Mill soon becomes a local meeting place. Its a retreat for some, a meeting place for others and somewhere that many find friendship. The mill soon brings together a unique group of people each with their own story to tell. As if this wasn't enough to make such a place special, there is a resident ghost looking in on the patrons personal struggles. Will the Mill change Hilary and Ben's life too?

I love books such as The Restaurant @ The Mill as they weave the individual stories of groups of people together in such a way that each becomes connected somehow by a common theme. The story is told through the personal accounts of the group of 6 couples and the reader is given a history behind their story and follows them on their journey. Some are searching for love, some are battling personal demons and others are merely searching for direction. Ben and Hilary have secrets and buried heartbreak and soon find that The Mill changes them too.

This book is extremely well written and flows at a steady pace. The characters are interesting and the reader soon has an interest in what is going on for them. Many have problems that we can all relate too, thus making their stories believable. The reader becomes invested in the outcome for each character and I found myself wishing for a particular outcome for each. This is a lovely book to curl up with. I'd highly recommend it. I love Linn B Halton's books as they never disappoint.

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  1. So lovely to be here JB and thank you very much for the lovely review! So thrilled you enjoyed The Restaurant, which is based on a composite of two existing water mills!

  2. Another fab review, Linn. I did love this book - and so do so adore that cover! Thanks for sharing, JB! :) xx

  3. LOVED this book. I'm a big fan of Linn's novels and this is one of my favorites. I have the paperback as well as the Kindle version.

  4. Mandy says:

    Great review and I loved this book! Wanted to visit the restaurant for real!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Great review, JB—as always. Congrats to Linn!

  6. Looking forward to reading this one - I've really liked every book of Linn's that I've read so far. :)

  7. Well, if I owned the Restaurant @ The Mill I'd invite all of you around! If only ... (living in my imagination is probably not a great idea ha! ha!).

  8. Great review and well done to Linn- thoroughly deserved

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