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Midlands mum shares ‘big wisdom’ to inspire others

A Midlands mum and businesswoman is sharing some hard-earned words of wisdom in a new book, after her son’s attempted suicide spurred her into turning her life around.

Former nurse Debbie Huxton saved her son, Matthew now 25, after finding him semi-conscious from a drugs overdose eight years ago – a shocking moment that made her re-evaluate her whole life.

In that instant, Debbie, 45, of Walsall Wood, resolved to be a better mum to Matthew, and her other children Saranne, now 17 and Jemma, 22.

With dad Simon, 52, serving all over the world as a sergeant in the British Army’s Catering Corps, and Debbie working all hours as a nurse in Accident and Emergency at Sutton Coldfield’s Good Hope hospital, she realised her children, and their emotional well-being as a family, had been neglected.

Debbie vowed to start living for what’s important, changing herself, her career and her family life for the better and just 12 months after finding Matthew, Debbie had shed six stone and a year later she quit nursing.

She says: “It took Matthew’s attempted suicide to make me realise how unhappy we all were with life in general. 

“It was an enormous shock as Matthew hadn’t shown any signs of depression, and I hadn’t picked up on any signs that he was even unhappy.  He was a high-achiever at school, getting good grades, and he seemed to have a good group of friends.

“What I didn’t realise was he was feeling immense pressure to excel, he had an intense fear of failure and he didn’t know how to talk to me about it.”

The experience spurred Debbie, Simon and all three children on to sign up to courses learning about the human mind and emotions. 

“The courses did more for us than being counselled, because learning about different personalities helped us understand each other better – what made us all tick.

“It also made me realise there were better ways to help others than nursing, that people often need healing from the inside.”

It took a second big wake-up call from a very unlikely source, however – in a promise to a dying patient – to give Debbie the final push to change her career. 

Whilst still working in the emergency room, Debbie befriended an alcoholic.  This friendship led her to make a life-changing pact over his death-bed to leave nursing and do something that makes her happy. 

Her path has still not been easy. Her first attempt at building her own business as a weight loss coach resulted in her facing bankruptcy.  She lost her investment of around £30,000 savings when she was sold a business that didn’t exist.

Through the process of trying to start a business, however, Debbie talked to a lot of established businesspeople who were trying to change their lives for the better, but had something holding them back.

She changed direction, moving from weight-loss counselling to forge a career as an established and respected confidante and coach for business people across the UK.   She now works with clients including Brad Burton, the millionaire founder of 4Networking Group and entrepreneurs including an award-winning Midlands restauranteur, and is in-demand as an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Her career, and new book, have been borne from helping clients and friends deal with ‘their thing’.

The first quote in her book is, “You know that thing . . . it’s time to deal with it.”

“The thing is different for everyone,” says Debbie. “Matthew helped me to see that although we may look the picture of health and happiness on the outside, inside there is something eating away at us.”

Debbie’s quotes, which she dubs ‘Huxisms’ – are all her own motivational sayings that have seen her through the bad times and have gone down a storm with her clients.

The resulting ‘Debbie Huxton’s Little Book of BIG WISDOM’ (RRP £5.99) gives people food for thought in Debbie’s unique, straight-talking way.

The book will go on general sale after the official launch event, being held on 27th January at the studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham.

Debbie is also planning a series of podcasts throughout the year, to share in her own words the reasons behind her quotes and how they have helped her.  The first of these will be released in February.

 “Above all I hope people take away from my story and my book that - no matter how low you go, there’s always a way up,” says Debbie.

Debbie’s book can be purchased through her website at

For more information, please contact Debbie Huxton on 0808 108 0754.

 My Review

When I was asked to review this book I was thrilled. This book is right up my street. Like lots of people I sometimes need a bit of a positive kick up the backside. This little pocket sized book is great for giving words of encouragement and dragging you out of the negativity we all feel at one time or another. I found one or two little mantras in the book that I will be using to help bring some positivity into my life and use the power of positive thought to influence my day. Its a teeny little book that is easily carried around and read at those times when the power of positive thought is needed. Smaller than your mobile phone, its easily slipped into your handbag, back pocket of your jeans or just carried around, its a fab gift for someone.

You can learn more about Debbie at her website at

You can buy the book by clicking here.

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