Sunday, 2 February 2014

Win a chance to see your article in a free downloadable emagazine!

As a member of the official reading panel for the Loveahappyending Lifestyle emagazine, I’m excited to be able to offer my visitors a chance to take part in a unique competition. The reading panel have each been asked to put forward one person to be in with a chance of filling a special ‘guest’ spot in the LLm April 2014 free downloadable emagazine!

The LLm editor will take the overall winner’s article and turn it into a feature in the next edition. All you need to do it either email me at or leave a comment here, telling me why you would like to have your article published, and the topic. Do you have a passion? It might be a hobby, something you do as a career – or a dream you have that you think others will be interested to read about. Perhaps you’ve purchased something that was great value for money, or visited a faraway place that you’ve never forgotten … I will choose one idea to put forward to the LLm editor, who will make the final decision.

This competition ends on 25 FEBRUARY 2014. The rules are simple:

1. Members of the official LLm reading panel can each put forward one candidate for consideration. The LLm editor’s decision is binding and final.
2. The winning candidate will not receive payment and will grant LLm the right to publish their article in full, credited to them. The content will be copyright to the winner and will not be used elsewhere without permission.
3. The winner will be contacted and asked to submit their article within 14 working days. Jpegs can be included, assuming they are owned by the winner and the winner will be asked to approve a draft of the article prior to it going live in the April 2014 LLm emagazine. The winner may choose to include a self-photo and a short bio, but this is optional. Their name and any links (blog/Twitter etc) should be included in the article.
4. The winner will be announced in the 1 March 2014 LLm Newsletter. You can sign up for this via either of the two LLm websites -

If you haven’t yet read Issue 3 – here it is! Click through and imagine YOUR article staring back at you from the next edition!

Each magazine is available via the Issuu magazine website and the website

4 Responses so far.

  1. A HUGE thank you for being a part of the select Loveahappyending Lifestyle reviewer panel, JB! You are also featured in the LLm newsletter due out today - congrats on your Diamond Award. With your nomination last November for the Romance Blogger of the Year Romance Industry Awards, it's wonderful to see your hard work being acknowledged so widely. Lxx

  2. Hi there! For the competition article, I would like share a positive way I got some revenge after an ex broke my heart - it involves a fictional serial killer, a book deal and a face-to-face encounter between my ex and my serial killer! I think it is a story that will inspire both writers and those recovering from a relationship break-up.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a really great opportunity for a new writer.

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