Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Publisher: Choc Lit
It isn’t easy to look forward when the past is so close behind you
Life hasn’t always been kind to Emma Le Goff. She has had her fair share of  hardship and now finally, her life appears to be looking up. She and her childhood sweetheart, Seth Jago, are set to marry and both believe that an idyllic existence, free from heartache, awaits them.
However, when they discover that the past is more difficult to forget than they could have ever imagines, Emma continues to be haunted by the mysterious circumstances surrounding her family, and Seth is hounded by a jealous ex-lover set on revenge.
Seth plans for their escape to Canada, but when the charismatic Matthew Caunter returns to Devon, Emma finds herself uncertain of whether a move to Canada is really what she wants...
About the Author

Linda Mitchelmore was born in Devon and still lives there with her husband of over forty years, Roger. She has two adult children. When viral damage robbed her of her hearing she took up writing for something to do as she could no longer enjoy radio/music/television/theatre. Short story publications started to mount up – she’s now had 300 or so published worldwide – so she decided to try writing novels. It took a while, but eventually Choc Lit offered her a contract. TO TURN FULL CIRCLE was published in June 2012, and its sequel, EMMA: There’s No Turning Back is out as an ebook now and will be in paperback on 7th January 2014. HOPE FOR HANNAH and GRAND DESIGNS (both novellas) have also been published by Choc Lit as ebooks. She is currently working on the third in her EMMA trilogy. But she escapes from the keyboard sometimes! Gardening has always been a love, as has a good, long, walk in good company. And now added to the mix are two grandchildren, Alex and Emily, to keep her on her toes and indulge herself reading them bedtime stories when they come to stay.

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