Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Ruby Slippers is the type of book I absolutely love. It’s a story where all the characters end up connected in some way or another and each individual story is told, concluding with some connection to another character. Michael is a grocer who is almost nearing retirement age. His aunt Rosa is a social pariah who is seen as the smelly old bag lady, which is exactly how she looks. However, an accident soon reveals Aunt Rosa’s secrets; in particular a pair of ruby slippers. 

The book takes us on a journey of exploration in relation to the slippers and we discover their amazing history. Michael himself is taken on a journey of self-discovery finding out more about Aunt Rosa than he could ever have imagined and struggling with the trauma of his childhood during the war. Soon the slippers become prominent in the lives of James, who has just lost his partner Paulo and Harrison who desires the ruby slippers in a very dangerous way. The Ruby Slippers shape the lives of many characters in the book, taking them on a roller-coaster of emotions and difficult decisions to make.

This book was very enjoyable and extremely well written. Sad and poignant at times, the story also offers hope and a promise of a better life. The story doesn’t speed along but takes the reader on a gentle saunter through the lives of many interesting characters, each flawed but all likeable and interesting. Highly recommended. The book is due for release on 20th March so add it to your wishlist or pre-order from Lovereading site or Amazon. Published through Constable and Robinson.

*This review will also appear on as I am a member of the Reviewer panel. I received an advanced copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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