Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Change is Only the Beginning…

September 27, 2013, Baltimore, MD—The Little Book that Could Publishing Co announces the release of The First Book of Carrie (ISBN: 978-0615819426, Sept 27, 2013), a fictional, dark, paranormal novel by newcomer, and Baltimore native, D. Antoinette.  A story filled with mystery and secrets The First Book of Carrie challenges societal norms, questions love and loyal, and confronts faith and mortality head on.

From seclude outcast, to undying beauty and eternally evil, socially inept Carrie Carter has been a pariah for most of her life.  Rumors about her family ranging from the fanciful to the utterly ridiculous have been the bane of her existence.  But, what her classmates don’t know is how close to the truth the rumors really are.

As Carrie nears her eighteenth birthday, she starts to experience subtle changes.  Confused and frightened, she thinks that she is going to die from the some illness horrible condition that caused all the males in her family to meet their untimely demise.

Nothing could have prepared her for what would happen next.

Change is only the beginning…


A native of Baltimore, D. Antoinette is a brilliant author and mother of two daughters. She enjoys writing, reading, and discovering new worlds through learning and her imagination.  The First Book of Carrie is D. Antoinette’s debut novel. Her next published work, the sequel to The First Book of Carrie, is due to be released in 2014. She resides in Maryland. To schedule D. Antoinette for book signings, interviews, events or speaking engagements, call 443-990-1356. To learn more about D. Antoinette and The Little Book that Could Publishing Co, visit: www.IAmCarrieCarter.com

Email: d.antoinette0130@gmail.com


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