Monday, 3 February 2014

I was very excited to be given a copy of this book to review. I had read the previous two books in the series and was absolutely desperate to find out what happens next for Ceri and Alex. The subjects of Angels and psychic mediums are both ones that interest me greatly. The third book is the final stage in the couples journey. Ceri must make the most difficult decision in her life. A decision that will not only affect her future, but ultimately Alex's too. 

The previous book ended on a cliffhanger and as a reader I did scream for more! At their engagement party, Ceri finds out something about Alex that she doesn't like but tries to understand. Perhaps she should have been listening to those who were warning her that her relationship with Alex was doomed and that his destiny was different to her own. Letting him go however was tearing them both apart. Will Ceri ever be able to move on? Will Alex ever understand her decision?
This story is an emotional roller-coaster and the heartbreak that both Alex and Ceri feel is palpable. There are lots of plot twists in this third book and a very surprising ending! As usual, Linn B Halton doesn't disappoint through her fantastic writing style, keeping the reader engrossed in the plot and causing the reader to once more have some emotional investment in each of the characters. I really enjoyed this series and would highly recommend it. Its not only a fantastic story but a fascinating subject. 


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  1. I love your reviews, JB! You get to the heart of the story and really connect with the characters and as an author that is thrilling to know! Your feedback on this series has been invaluable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lxx

  2. Mandy says:

    Love this review! I finished it at the weekend and I definitely want more!

  3. Another fabulous review for a little gem of a book. Thanks so much for sharing, JB! :) xx

  4. Oh wow - what a fabulous review - thanks for sharing JB. LOVE your review blog and the new banner! xx

  5. Thanks for dropping in ladies and for your lovely comments! I think JB has been doing a little gardening - Brook Cottage is looking really good!

  6. Hey guys. Thanks for your comments. Glad you all liked the review. And yes Linn is right. I have been doing a little gardening and decorating! Glad you like it! xxx

  7. Great review. Can't wait to keep reading, JB!

  8. Such a fabulous review, JB! I, too, love this series and have great interest in the subjects of angels and psychic mediums. So looking forward to continuing with Ceri and Alex's saga. Great job, Linn!

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