Monday, 5 May 2014

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome new author Michelle Read to the blog. This is Michelle's first visit to Brook Cottages and definitely not her last.  Let's find out about Michelle and her book Long Lost. 

Michelle Read has lived in Bournemouth for over twenty years after moving from South Wales where she was born and bred. She works as a full time administrator but still manages to fit writing novels around her busy day.

Having been a fan of Jane Austen and historical romance in general for some time she decided to embark on writing her first novel, ‘Long Lost’, which to Michelle’s own surprise, has turned into a trilogy. The second book will be called Long Last, and the third book will be called Long Love. She is a born romantic and loves nothing better than writing of romantic adventures. Long Lost is to be published at the end of May 2014.

She enjoys history and can often be found strolling around stately homes and castles in her spare time, along with attending food festivals, reading copious amounts of books and chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

To catch up with Michelle, go to
Twitter @chelle52

Long Lost

Emily Case is a lonely woman. No family, few friends, job she hates and is single. Life is one long struggle for her.

Then one morning she wakes up two hundred years in the past and her whole world is turned upside down, as she is faced with a new era she knows nothing about. However, she soon finds that she is falling for her new lifestyle, the people in it and even a handsome and very wealthy gentleman.

When she realises this life is all she's ever wanted she is torn away from it and back to her life two hundred years into the future.

Not willing to accept that the twenty-first-century is where her destiny lies she endeavours to seek out the truth of the life she led in the nineteenth-century.

What will she discover on her journey? Was it reality or all just a dream?

I think you will all agree this sounds like a fascinating read. Published on 31st May and for a fab price of £1.99, a lot of people will be adding this book to their wishlist! Brook Cottage Books wishes Michelle Read every success. 

2 Responses so far.

  1. I LOVE this plot! I have it on my to-read list and am looking forward to it!

  2. Sounds very intriguing, and I love those 'time slippy' type stories. Good luck with it, Michelle!

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