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A mother’s heartfelt memoir outlines a nine-month saga that plays out in a Lutheran church beginning with a shocking confrontation and leading to an emotionally shattering chain of events that forever alters the course of her ten-year-old son’s life.

What begins as a mother’s promise to speak the truth on behalf of her child, evolves into a catharsis, and ultimately, forgiveness, as the author painstakingly chronicles her introspective journey.

After a sudden verbal attack from another parishioner, she tries to reopen the lines of communication with the aid of their Pastor and broker a resolution.

Instead, her Pastor speaks in riddles, dark insinuations are made, and no one will answer her questions.  People she thought she knew for years, suddenly didn’t seem to know her at all.

She needed her church family:  her husband was battling cancer, and she was dealing with some unanswered symptoms of her own.

Fatigued, frustrated and desperate to prove her son’s innocence, she ultimately victimized both of them with her own pride until the Lord found an unmistakable way to signal her to open her eyes and run!

 About the Author

R. L. Moatz was born in Wilmington, DE and grew up in rural Pennsylvania. A series of challenges have led her to reinvent herself many times to meet the needs of her family. She has worked in medical, technical and creative fields and brings the sum of her experiences to her writing. With a unique balance of empathy and understanding to offer the reader, she now heals others with her words and brings a fresh perspective to some of the more difficult life situations. It Happened in a Lutheran Church - A Sacrificial Lamb is her first book, and she has plans for many more.
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Updates and Changes:


For anyone who decides to buy the book, there is some information on the bio portion on the back that is no longer relevant:  I no longer write for, Master Chef Junior has been added to the list of Chef Gordon Ramsay shows I’ve covered, and my email address is no longer at  (I kept the change fairly simple – the book has me listed at


Prior to my recent illness, I was posting a new article to my blog site every Monday, which I am hoping to get back to in the very near future.  While I am fairly certain my new specialist & I are on the right track & the worst of my symptoms have improved, I have a procedure scheduled next week that may take a toll on me for a few days.  So I haven’t made any firm announcements yet regarding those.
In the interim, however, I will be updating the ‘Worthy Causes’ section of my blog over the course of the next few days.  I will send you the direct links as the posts go up. 

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