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When Eva and Eddie Harper decide to move from their London home in Islington and escape to the country, they get more than they bargained for. Far from being the quiet country idyll they were expecting in the sleepy little village of Marsh Prior, They discover some surprising secrets.
The villagers are mostly hostile toward them at first. All except the new village shop owner Karenza Mead, her beautiful spirited daughter Jess and the handsome local vet Mark Dwyer.
Eva wants to adopt as many unloved animals as she can to fulfil her long held dream of giving the waifs and strays a loving home. Vet Mark Dwyer is only too willing to assist her, and the Harpers take charge of an adorable puppy Teddy, who is a Newfoundland dog.
 Mark’s friendship with the Harpers blossoms along with his longing for the lovely Jess, who helps her mum run the village shop. The only stumbling block for Mark is Jess’  avaricious estranged husband.
Karenza Mead has returned to Marsh Prior where she was born after an absence of almost forty years. Why did she leave so hurriedly as a young girl and why did she feel compelled to return? What is the secret sorrow she is hiding from the ones she loves?
As Eva and Eddie settle into their new lives, tragedies unfold and they are swept along and become caught up in an incredible tale of love and betrayal.
For some there are happy endings. Others however, simply get what they deserve.

Author bio

When Debbie was a little girl, she always wanted to be a mermaid or a fairy when she grew up. When harsh reality struck and she realised she could neither breathe underwater nor fly, she was a little bit crushed. She amended her plans somewhat and decided instead not to grow up. This was a cunning plan that worked, as she is still somewhat hobbit-sized in stature. She decide she would create her own magical world to live in,  and this she did through writing stories. It was a comfortable, happy place for her.
Sometimes reality would intervene alas, and she dabbled in earning a living for thirty odd years or so. Debbie also managed to marry and produce two sons. She is still a bit baffled as to how that happened, but the boys grew up around her while she loved them; and she managed to scribble away whenever she could.
She spends her days now at home in East London either happily writing or, if she is particularly energetic, wrestling various items from the jaws of her two kleptomaniac dogs.


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