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A family saga best begins with murder, betrayal, and an unexpected gift. 
Sallee Anderson comes from a large family and escapes her quarreling, bickering home life by falling in love with a man who offered a fancy life of parties, trips, and fashion.  Yet, she secretly longs for a family of her own. Shortly after her marriage begins to unravel, her wealthy and estranged husband is killed and she’s the primary suspect! Family members with agendas of their own gather round with false sympathy and a novice, nosey lawyer helps unravel everyone’s secrets.
What is Sallee’s secret? Read and find out!

About the Author


Bonnie Glee's sixth grade teacher, Mr. Orville Nelson, observed her constantly writing during recess. When the school year came to a close, he mailed her a handwritten note encouraging her to follow her passion for words. Her maternal grandmother, a newspaper columnist, and her mother, a published poet, greatly influenced her. As a single working mom of five children, her publishing career began with poetry when four Utah State University professors, one by one, took her under their wings and mentored her. She held leadership positions with the League of Utah Writers, Utah Poetry Society and the National Poetry Society.Family stories often leave a compelling image in Bonnie Glee's mind; an image that drives her to expand such one liners as . . . 'Your Aunt's husband was killed by his business partner'. Bingo, Satin Murder was written. She writes about people, diverse people, and how they conquer everyday life.

Satin Murder is due for release on 1st September 2014. Add it to your wishlist!

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  1. Hi,
    Wow, here I am, author of Satin Murder. Thank you for this post. My dream really is coming TRUE.

  2. Welcome to Brook Cottages Bonnie! x

  3. Welcome to Brook Cottages Bonnie! x

  4. Ooooh, sounds intriguing! Best of luck, Bonnie. :) xx

  5. This looks like an amazing read! Can't wait to check it out!

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