Monday, 4 August 2014

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A decent, ordinary man, a man who has already suffered the loss of one child, Daniel Conner is forced by extraordinary circumstances into being a hero. Tortured, forcibly drugged—heroin still pulsating nauseatingly through his veins—his wife and daughter degraded, Daniel knows their kidnapper is beyond reasoning with.
But does being pushed one step beyond endurance justify doing the unthinkable?
High on drugs, indebted to his supplier, and desperate, Charlie Roberts takes Daniel's wife and daughter hostage. Daniel does everything within his power to rescue the situation bloodlessly. Eventually though, Daniel realises that with or without violent mood swings induced by amphetamines and cocaine, Charlie Roberts is a psychopath. He wants more than Daniel's money.
He wants him.
The Edge of Sanity: a harrowing story of hope amid loss and betrayal.
My Review
The Edge of Sanity is a new type of book from Sheryl Browne. Best known and loved for her rom-coms, this book is so different and yet so brilliant! Sheryl has created interesting and complex characters within the book and each is fighting their own personal battle. The story shows how one man who is good and decent, will go to any lengths to save and protect the ones he loves. The back story, which is vital to helping us understand Daniel and his family is heartbreaking and the reader feels such empathy and sympathy with Daniel. It takes one tragedy to tear the family apart but their love for one another will ultimately be their greatest strength.
The Edge of Sanity is the type of book that I found very hard to put down. It is exciting, frightening and thrilling all at once. It kept me up very late at night reading. One chapter at a time was never enough. I needed to know what happened. The plot is well planned and clever and the story is brilliantly executed. If you like psychological thrillers then this book is definitely one for you. Very highly recommended!

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  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much, JB! I can learn to live with being brilliant! Haw, haw! Seriously, thank you, truly. Reviews reach readers. So very important. I (we - all authors) couldn't do it without you, JB. :) xxx

  2. I so agree with Sheryl, JB, reviews reach readers and it's a wonderful thing that professional reviewers do! Fab review and Sheryl is one very talented author. Lx

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