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Out of Control by T.A.Belshaw
Release Date: 24th August 2015
Publisher: T.A. Belshaw
Genres: Noir-suspense

It began with a trivial moment of carelessness, but the shockwaves that reverberate from this seemingly insignificant incident, spread far and wide.
Ed and his heavily pregnant wife Mary are on an errand for Ed’s ailing father before the pair depart for warmer climes. But the winter of 1962 comes early and one innocuous event and a hastily taken decision will have devastating consequences for the family of young Rose Gorton. Mary’s already fragile mental state is put under further stress while Ed tries to make sense of events that are spiralling massively, Out of Control.

This is the first T.A Belshaw book that I have read and it certainly won't be my last. A fantastic short story of only 70 pages its dark and atmospheric and the overall message I felt was that your actions will find you out and pretty soon things will get out of control! The story's moral dilemma will send your brain into overdrive. How far would you go to save your own skin?  It was creepy and full of twists and at times I will admit to the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end! This is the sort of book I adore. Best read when in the house alone, with a storm raging outside and the lights flickering...........if you are brave enough that is. 

The characters are well developed and while not always likable, the reader quickly becomes invested in them and immediately we are drawn into their story. It was easy to forget at times what era the story is set although little clues point us in the right direction e.g No mobile phones and Mary smoking whilst heavily pregnant. A great little book that will have you holding your breath until the next page whilst also shedding a few tears along the way. When you are reading it though, just remember to keep  looking over your shoulder a few times to make sure you are still alone! 

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Trevor Belshaw, aka, Trevor Forest, is a writer of both adult and children's fiction. He lives in Nottingham, UK with his mad Springer Spaniel, Maisie. Trevor is the creator of Tracy’s Hot Mail (Crooked Cat Publishing,) and has recently released a noir novella, Out of Control.
Writing under the name, Trevor Forest, he has published fourteen children’s books including the Magic Molly series, The Stanley Stickle series, and Peggy Larkin's War.
Trevor’s short stories and articles have appeared in various magazines including The Best of British, Ireland’s Own and First Edition. His poem My Mistake was awarded a highly commended status and included in the Farringdon Poetry competition best entries anthology. His children’s poem Clicking Gran, was longlisted in the Plough Poetry competition 2009.
Trevor’s short stories have been published in many anthologies including the charity anthologies. 100 Stories for Haiti, 50 Stories for Pakistan, 100 Stories for Queensland, The Best of CafĂ© Lit, (2011 2012 and 2013) The Best of Friday Flash Volume 2, Another Haircut, Shambelurkling and other stories and 24 Stories for Advent.
Twitter @tbelshaw
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