Monday 29 February 2016

Leap Year, A Time To Remember by Sue Douglas
Release Date: 29.2.16
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Genres:  Romantic Fiction

Life is bearable for Sasha Roseberry, but only just. Her job in the Five-Plus-The-One shop selling cheap, shoddy goods just about pays her bills despite her steady rise to management level. She would like to move on, but her reputation, working for such a lousy chain of stores, doesn't exactly get the offers rolling in. The best she can hope for is stability and the enjoyment she gets out of watching the same DVDs night after night - movies starring the hunk Joey Keane. And that is her future - until a ‘chance' meeting with an elderly woman in the nearby park.

In Leap Year, a Time to Remember, Sue Douglas takes the reader through a romantic tale of fortunes changed for the better. For it is not only Sasha who's having a hard time; Joey Keane is about to take a desperate leap into the unknown following a disastrous and short-lived affair. But, mercifully, his grandmother breaks the fatal spell in a phone call that will totally change his life.

Leap Year, a Time to Remember is welcome addition to the library of romantic fiction.
9781784557744 (Paperback)
9781784557751 (Hardback)
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