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A Stranger's House by Clare Chase
Series:  London & Cambridge Mysteries: 2
Release Date: 12th February 2016
Publisher: Choc Lit - Death by Choc Lit
Genres: Mystery

What if you were powerless to protect the person you cared about most? 

When Ruby finds out that her partner has done the unforgivable, she has no option but to move out of their home. With nowhere else to go, a job house-sitting in Cambridge seems like the perfect solution. 

But it’s soon clear the absent owner hurts everyone he gets close to, and Ruby’s faced with the fallout. As violent repercussions unfold, her instinct is to investigate: it’s a matter of self-preservation. And besides, she’s curious…
But Ruby’s new boss, Nate Bastable, has his eye on her and seems determined to put a stop to her sleuthing. Is he simply worried for the welfare of a member of staff, or is there something altogether more complicated – and potentially dangerous – at play? 

From Death by Choc Lit - gripping edge of your seat reads.

I am a total sucker for a good mystery novel and A Stranger's House did not disappoint! This sort of book appeals to me as I am by nature a very nosy person so I immediately warmed to Ruby who seems to have a nose for when something isn't quite right! A Stranger's House is set in beautiful Cambridge and from the wonderful detailed descriptions in the book I definitely want to go visit.

At the beginning of the book we find out that Ruby's relationship with her partner has ended and finding herself suddenly with nowhere to go, a house sitting job seemed like the perfect solution to all her least for a few weeks. Her new boss Nate appears to be a man of hidden depths as well as rugged good looks and he was an easily likeable character. He was caring and kind with a hint of mystery about him too. Ruby's friend Steph is a bit of a ditzy but well meaning character who is a good support to Ruby. I liked her a lot.

From the very beginning of Ruby's house sitting job things about the owner of the house, Damien Newbold start to intrigue and slightly worry Ruby. Nate also becomes concerned and is worried that River House may not be the best place for Ruby. A series of events and a string of strange characters soon set a chain of events in motion and Ruby and Nate find themselves caught up in a good old fashioned mystery, placing Ruby at the centre of the danger. As though that wasn't enough to deal with, Ruby and Nate find themselves attracted to the other but with so much hurt already in their lives, does this seem like the right time to take their professional relationship further.

Clare Chase has written a book with all the perfect elements of a good mystery novel - location, secrets, mysterious characters and lots of little clues hidden throughout the story line. This was a difficult book to put down once you start to read it. I love the fact that I immediately hated Damien Newbold and continued to hate him throughout. He is a fantastically well developed character with so many concerning traits that he intrigues the reader throughout. A really enjoyable read and highly recommended for those of you who love a good sleuth!


Clare Chase writes women sleuth mysteries set in London and Cambridge. She fell in love with the capital as a student, living in the rather cushy surroundings of Hampstead in what was then a campus college of London University. (It's currently being turned into posh flats ...)

After graduating in English Literature, she moved to Cambridge and has lived there ever since. She's fascinated by the city's contrasts and contradictions, which feed into her writing. She's worked in diverse settings - from the 800-year-old University to one of the local prisons - and lived everywhere from the house of a Lord to a slug-infested flat. The terrace she now occupies, with her husband and teenage daughters, presents a good happy medium.

As well as writing, Clare loves family time, art and architecture, cooking, and of course, reading other people's books.

Clare's debut novel, You Think You Know Me, has been shortlisted for an EPIC award, and was chosen as a debut of the month for September 2015 by Lovereading. 



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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely review, JB. I’m really thrilled that you enjoyed the book! :D

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