Friday, 22 April 2016

Life Swap by Carol Wyer 
Release Date: 22nd April 2016
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genres: Humour, Contemporary Fiction

Take a chance on a new life and maybe you’ll find your happy ever after. Because true love is always worth the risk…

Handsome prince, beautiful house, fabulous job? Polly has none of these. All she has to her name is a string of failed relationships and she’s up to her ears in debt. She sees herself as a hopeless case and would do anything to change her luck.

Simon is approaching the big 50. He’s off his game at work, his kids don’t seem to notice he exists and his wife seems to think he’s made of money. As for sex …what’s that?

So when the opportunity comes for both of them to swap their lives for a life of luxury, they jump at the chance. For Simon a life of helicopters, fast cars and hot babes beckons. For Polly, it’s all diamonds, spa days and celebrity parties. What more could they want?

Trouble is, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Is life in the fast lane more than either of them can cope with? 

About Carol Wyer

As a child Carol Wyer was always moving, and relied on humour to fit in at new schools. A funny short story won her popularity, planting the seed of becoming a writer. Her career spans dry cleaning, running a language teaching company, and boxercise coaching. Now writing full-time, Carol has several books published by Safkhet and journalism in many magazines.
Carol won The People’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction (2015), and can sometimes be found performing her stand-up comedy routine Laugh While You Still Have Teeth.

If you had the chance to swap your life for a different one would you do it? I know I'd love the chance to find out 'what if'. I am such a huge fan of Carol Wyer and find her books just get better and better. Life Swap does not disappoint. Written in Carol's wonderfully entertaining and enthralling style, Life Swap is such an easy read that is hard to put down. 

Our main characters Polly and Simon desperately want to change all that is horribly wrong in their lives. Polly is up to her eyes in debt and now single with a bleak future and poor Simon feels unloved, constantly criticised and unfulfilled. However, with the desire for change and the experiences that come afterwards also comes regret and an appreciation for all that was. Sometimes what you wish for isn't perhaps what you should get or what is necessarily best for you. We've all done it..........looked at people who appear to have very glam lifestyles and have their lives in order and wished we had their lives. However, even the most together of people still have problems in their lives too with as many complications. All is not always what it seems, in more ways than one in this book.

The book is funny, a little sad sometimes and totally bonkers a lot of the time but I adore that about Carol's writing. Like Polly and Simon, the reader gets a few surprises along the way too. Brace yourself for how this story pans out! Loved it! Full of interesting and entertaining characters, some devilish imps, surprising plot twists and lots of laughs. You won't be sorry you read this book. A highly recommended read.


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