Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Lost Girl by Liz Harris
Release Date: 8th August 2016
Pages: 352
Genres: Romance / Historical

What if you were trapped between two cultures?

Life is tough in 1870s Wyoming. But it’s tougher still when you’re a girl who looks Chinese but speaks like an American.

Orphaned as a baby and taken in by an American family, Charity Walker knows this only too well.  The mounting tensions between the new Chinese immigrants and the locals in the mining town of Carter see her shunned by both communities.

When Charity’s one friend, Joe, leaves town, she finds herself isolated. However, in his absence, a new friendship with the only other Chinese girl in Carter makes her feel like she finally belongs somewhere.

But, for a lost girl like Charity, finding a place to call home was never going to be that easy …

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to be organizing a blog tour for The Lost Girl by Liz Harris.
The book has toured with us before and was a huge hit with reviewers. I adored it! Now, rebranded with a gorgeous new cover we are looking some new reviewers! If you previously reviewed the book as part of the last tour then we'd love to invite you to take part again, sharing your review in a promo post for the new cover and an extract.

The tour will run from 8th - 12th August, and will include reviews and promo posts. Unlimited booking on all dates is allowed.  To participate in the tour, please email with the following:
  • Your Name
  • Blog Name & URL
  • Date 
  • Email Address if you're not already a BCB Tour Host
Date: 8th August

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