Wednesday, 25 October 2017


I know there are lots of crime fiction writers, readers and book bloggers out there who read the blog. I love a good crime novel and that's why I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of a crime fiction festival being held in Belfast this coming weekend. NOIReland has been organised by some wonderful people, including David Torrans from No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast. No Alibis is undoubtedly THE best bookshop ever. Its an Aladdin's cave of crime fiction novels! And, Olive Broderick is doing a fantastic job of organising us volunteers too! What a job!

Here's the official blurb about the festival - 

 'A brand new crime fiction festival with a distinctly Irish accent. NOIRELAND celebrates an island's love of crime fiction. The 3-day festival will be showcasing the amazing talent emerging from Ireland currently. We'll also be exploring crime writing from across the world, and looking at the impact Ireland has had on the genre: from the Irish cops of New York, to the sons and daughters of immigrants who have transformed crime fiction.'

Anyway, getting back to the festival..............I'm one of the volunteer helpers working at the event which is based in the Europa Hotel. So, if you're there have a look for me! Here I am with some of the other volunteers showing off our funky teeshirts we'll be wearing! 

So, just what sort of things are happening at the festival? Well, you can check out the full programme HERE but I'll tell you about some of the highlights!

The festival kicks off on Friday 27th Oct with an opening reception where you'll be able to meet some legends of crime fiction! Throughout the weekend you'll be able to attend various sessions featuring some great names such as Sophie Hannah, Steve Mosby, Adrian McKinty, Brian McGilloway and Liz Nugent to name but a few! And, there's so much more! For those of you who loved In The Line of Duty, the wonderful Adrian Dunbar will be there too! There's going to be so many great names attending. Check out the full list

I really hope to see you there! You can buy your tickets HERE.

NOIRELAND takes place at the Europa Hotel, Belfast 27-29 October, 2017


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