Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Saintly Grave Disturbed by Nikki Copleston
Series:  A DI Jeff Lincoln Short Read
Release Date: 27th October 2017
Publisher: S Books
Genres:  Thriller

When archaeologists Beth Tarrant and Josh Good excavate a ruined chapel at Barbury Abbey they don’t expect to uncover a modern mystery too…
Finding the tomb of a medieval abbot would mean a lot to Beth – fifty years ago, her grandfather was forced to abandon his own search for the tomb, but nobody knows why. Can Beth finish what he started?
As one incident after another threatens to sabotage the dig, Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln is called in, and when a bungled burglary at the museum turns into murder he finds a shocking link to a case he’s already investigating

If there's one thing I love its a book that you can read in one sitting. What I don't like is that the book is so brilliant that I am late for a meeting because I have become so engrossed in the story! That's what happened with A SAINTLY GRAVE DISTURBED. I had an hour between meetings in work during the week and took myself off to the car to eat my lunch and read the book in peace. Cue a frantic phone call from me to apologise for being late!

A Saintly Grave Disturbed is the perfect short read crime story. In their search for 'the Angling Abbot' archeologists lead by Beth Tarrant unearth a set of bones. However, the remains are not what they seem. Understandably, Beth is upset that she has not found the mysterious Abbot and solved the mystery her grandfather gave up on himself many years previous. Why did he give up? Another mystery unfolds! When one of the volunteers on the dig is attacked, D.I Lincoln is called in to investigate further. A further series of events threaten to undermine everything Beth, and her grandfather, have worked towards. But, are they all linked and if so, how?

This book really grabs the readers attention from the very beginning and continues to pull you in the whole way through. Perfectly paced with believable, engaging characters, an exciting storyline and lots of clues dotted throughout, Nikki Copleston has written a fantastic story that both intrigued me and completely captured my imagination. Reading it was like being in a maze. Just when you thought you were going in the right direction you suddenly hit a dead end and had to rethink your way through the mystery! Love it!  If you love mystery and suspense and some great detective work well I suggest you grab yourself a copy of this book. Its right up there with my list of highly recommended reads. It simply  has everything you could ask for! 


Nikki Copleston worked in London for many years before moving back to the West Country where she was brought up. In 2016, she published the award-winning The Shame of Innocence, featuring DI Jeff Lincoln, and is currently rewriting an earlier Jeff Lincoln crime novel, The Price of Silence.
Nikki is a member of Frome Writers’ Collective, which supports and promotes writers in the area round Frome. She’s also a founder member of Stellar Scribes, a group of novelists from Wells and Glastonbury who love to share their passion for a good yarn, mainly through talks and events in libraries.
Fascinated by history, she enjoys exploring with her camera, photographing landscapes and quirky architecture, old and new. She and her husband now live in Wells, Somerset, with their cat.

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