Tuesday, 13 February 2018

When The Mask Fall by Caroline O'Breackin

Release Date: 31st January 2018
Genres:  Thriller

Today I'm so happy to be able to support a local author. I met Caroline through a writing group so I'm thrilled about the release of her debut novel which she is releasing through Kickstarter.. Lets find out a bit more about Caroline, the book and the project on Kickstarter.

Book Blurb
When the Mask Falls
Meeting a stranger in a bar; Alice grabs a rare opportunity to reinvent herself. But, what starts out as a bit of fun quickly turns sour as her true identity starts to unravel and she realises there are dangerous consequences when you cheat on ‘Mr Mundane.’

Caroline’s latest thriller will keep you hooked to the end as Alice's exciting new life quickly turns into a nightmare and she discovers she is not the only one lying about who she is.

The Project

Holywood Co. Down author Caroline O'Breackin wanted to do something a little different when she launched her crime thriller ‘When the Mask Falls’, and turned to Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.
The book came about as the result of a writing exercise she had done while working on another piece, but the character of Alice really grabbed her so she abandoned the other book and didn’t stop until she had finished writing Alice’s thrilling story.
When Caroline finished the story she looked at various publishing options and decided that Kickstarter offers a really fresh and exciting way to launch a book.
She said: “Launching my book this way allows me to offer so much more than just a paperback. This way readers can get access to signed, limited edition hardbacks, a personal mention in this book and even the chance to have their name used in my next novel.”
Caroline says writing gives her the opportunity to escape and create her own reality, and she loves how her characters take on lives of their own and add their own twists and turns to their stories. She is particularly interested in identity, the main theme of ‘When the Mask Falls’.
When the Mask Falls is exclusively available, and for a limited time only, at kickstarter.com
Caroline is currently exploring the twisted mind of a serial killer in her next book, ‘The Fourth Notch’ which asks, who will be the villain’s next victim?
Follow Caroline O’Breackin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or look her up at www.carolineobreackin.co.uk

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