Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Neighbours by Nicola Gill
Release Date: 6th February 2020
Publisher:  Avon
Genres:  Women's Fiction

To get up from rock bottom, you’ve got to take the stairs…
Cassie Frost was once a beloved actress, but after a recent mishap she desperately needs a new publicist. And Ginny is a publicist who desperately needs a job – but can she be persuaded to work for the prickly woman who lives below her floorboards?
Ginny and Cassie are two very different women, but they have more in common than they’d care to imagine (or admit). And when their worlds collide, they realise that sometimes – just sometimes – bad neighbours become good friends…

A funny, honest and moving exploration of life, love, friendship and navigating the emotional rollercoaster of your thirties… and beyond. Perfect for fans of Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare and Ruth Jones’s Never Greener.

Ginny's relationship with her boyfriend may not be perfect but she's holding out hope that it will eventually be everything she's always dreamed of. Everything she's ever wanted. Waiting for him to change was her first mistake and he lets her down in the worst possible way. Ginny finds herself needing a new job as a result after finding her boyfriend and boss in a rather compromising position.

Cassie is Ginny's neighbour and once a bit of a celebrity. Appearing on a popular television show further contributes to her downfall and makes her a celebrity for all the wrong reasons and Cassie feels a little sorry for her. Never did either woman imagine that out of their shared misery would come friendship.

The first thing I want to say about this book is that its such an easy book to read and I found myself really immersed in the story and feeling a strong attachment to the characters. Nicola Gill has such a wonderful writing style that instantly draws the reader into the story, sweeping them along and making them a part of the characters lives. 

I really love exploring the idea of how friendships can develop between the most unlikely of people. We all have people in our lives who we never imagined we could have a relationship of any sort with. And then they surprise us in one way or another and friendships are born. This book really explores the dynamics of such friendships. I have met some pretty amazing people, all from different walks of life and and been lucky enough myself to have some wonderful friendships as a result.

While the characters are going through some fairly serious things in their lives the book never felt like it was too serious. In fact, I found it rather uplifting and at times really funny. Its a pretty amazing writer that can get this sort of balance and Nicola Gill has achieved this. This book is a little friend in itself. A recommended read.


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