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The Perfect Sister by Sheryl Browne
Release Date: 29th January 2020
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genres: Psychological Thriller

‘You don’t know me, but I’m your sister.’

Claire is shocked when she receives a message out of the blue from Sophie, a beautiful young woman who tells Claire that she’s their father’s secret child. Having spent years nursing her sweet little daughter Ella through a life-threatening illness whilst dealing with the emotional fall-out of a devastating marriage breakdown, Claire feels tentatively excited to meet Sophie. Perhaps she might finally have someone in the family to lean on…

As Claire welcomes her sister into her life, she’s delighted to see just how much Ella loves her new Aunt Sophie. But as the pair spend more time together, Claire begins to wonder where exactly her perfect new sister came from and what kind of person she really is. With their elderly father’s mind rapidly deteriorating, is it possible that he’s hiding something from Claire about Sophie’s sudden appearance in their lives?

When Sophie suggests a family day at the seaside, little Ella is beyond excited. But as Claire takes an important phone call from her demanding ex-husband, leaving Sophie in charge of Ella, something unthinkable happens. And as Claire rushes into the ice-cold sea towards the small, limp figure of her daughter, she realises that Sophie was watching the whole time. But why would Sophie want to hurt Claire’s precious daughter? Was trusting her new sister with Ella the biggest mistake of Claire’s life?

If you enjoyed The Girl on the TrainMy Lovely Wife and Lucinda Berry’s The Perfect Child, you’ll love this heart-stopping psychological thriller from bestselling author Sheryl Browne.

Two things made me jump at the chance to get on board this tour. The first one simply because its Sheryl Browne! Who wouldn't want to read her books?! I've adored every one I've read and this one didn't disappoint. Secondly, a couple of years ago I discovered I had 2 half sisters. I've yet to meet them but I think they're fairly stable! I hope!

In the book we are introduced to Claire and Luke. Their lives are in turmoil. Claire is under pressure caring for her father who has dementia and her little girl who has haemophilia. Luke is finding the upset in their lives and what he perceives as Claire's indifference to his feelings. Ultimately cracks appear in their marriage but really nothing that can't be fixed. That is of course until both of them make rash decisions that have consequences neither could have foreseen. And again, their lives are turned upside down except this time all that they both hold dear, including one another is at risk. Claire and Luke push each other further and further away and Luke makes some pretty daft decisions that threaten his marriage. He feels he is helping out a stranger in distress but all he is doing is inviting danger into the lives of his family.

Claire feels Luke has not been supportive of her decision to care for her father.  She's dealing with family secrets that aren't so secret now and her father is in no state to put things right. Contacted out of the blue by someone claiming to be her sister, Claire is confused, hurt and angry. Could it be Claire's decisions that put her family at risk too?

The Perfect Sister is un-put-downable! Yes I went there! It's actually a wonder I made it into work this week I was so engrossed. The author has created such an atmospheric story full of twists, turns and little tantalising clues along the way. At times I wanted to shake Claire and Luke to snap out of their stubbornness. They clearly love one another. The characters are so well developed and I'm interested in the psychology behind what causes people to do the things they do. At times the book took terrifying twists and I'll admit to taking a few out loud gasps! Apologies to the gentleman sitting near me in a cafe last night. I almost gave him a heart attack! A super book. Highly recommended.


Hi, I’m Sheryl Browne writing psychological thriller and contemporary fiction. My latest psychological thriller THE PERFECT SISTER is published by fabulous BOOKOUTURE. A member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and previously writing for award winning Choc Lit, I have several books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies, where I completed my MA in Creative Writing. I live in Worcestershire with my partner and a variety of disabled dogs. According to readers of my thrillers, I also apparently make an excellent psychopath. ;)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reading and a fabulous review, JB! Hugely appreciated, lovely! Still picturing the cafe guy's face! :) x Sheryl

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