Thursday, 3 July 2014

Book Blurb
“I’m nearly 40. A grown woman. A mother. A wife. And yet I feel like a petulant child.” 

Tabitha is slowly emerging from a coma. As consciousness becomes clearer, so does the realisation that all is not right. What the hell are the members of her favourite band doing at her bedside? And why is Matt, the most talented, beautiful man in the world, so obviously distressed by her condition? 

Please note that this book is suitable for over 18s only. If you are easily offended by bad language/sexual content then please do not read. You have been warned...
Author Bio
Vicki Bowles was born in 1973 in Chester, allegedly in the same hospital as Daniel Craig.She has an utterly brilliant husband (who is nothing like Tab's husband) and four utterly brilliant children who have had to put up with her mid-life crisis and obsessive personality, in particular her fixation with one particular rock band. Vicki owes them no end of gratitude for allowing her to spend every moment she could get away with (and some more) on writing "My Unintended".
She would also like to thank her friends, in particular, Liz Heard, Paula Greavett, Heather Lidgey and Fiona Guillard for being her readers, and apologises for shocking them and her mother.She thanks Ben Warren for designing the book cover. It rocks.Vicki's father is not allowed to read the book. Ever.
Vicki is currently working on the sequel to "My Unintended". She apologises to her family.

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