Monday, 11 December 2017


Looking for the perfect gift for the child in your life? Have you heard of Bookabees, the book subscription service? You haven't? I was asked to test and review the service! So, read on!

What is Bookabees?

'Bookabees is a completely unique service that brings more books into children’s hands to create a magical and educational experience. Neatly packaged in a personalised box, one, three or five books are chosen by you and dispatched to your family home each month for you and your children to read and enjoy. After two months, you pop the books back in their box to return for other children to enjoy, or keep your favourite books forever at a 50% discounted retail price. Children between 0-11 can benefit from a selection of handpicked books, specially curated from 1000s of titles to best cater for age, gender and personal interest. Along with this, bespoke games and crafts are included to keep things creative and bring the fun back into reading. '

My Bookabees Experience
As someone who is keen to get young children reading again I couldn't wait to try this service out. So, with my 7 year old godson Ethan in mind, I went about registering with the site and ordering some books. It was such a simple process and in no time at all the books arrived. As you can see from the photos it was more than just a package with a few books in it. It was an exciting package just waiting to be opened by excited young hands.
As you can see,  even the packaging is personalised! 

And, look what was inside!

 So, just how does this wonderful book service work? Well, firstly you need to register with the site over at 
With registration you sign up to receive a monthly box of books which you pick. You can choose one, three or five books, depending on your subscription and soon build up your child's reading list.  You can either choose to keep the books for up to 2 months and then post them back for free, or buy them at a discounted price of 50% off! 
Subscription can be as low as £4.99 per month.

There are tons to choose from. So much choice from such a wonderful variety to suit all age ranges and interests for the young reader in your life. The service was so quick too and  you are given an expected arrival date for your books. A confirmation email is received after ordering. Ethan and I loved the books! And, as though that wasn't enough, the lovely people at Bookabees have a special discount code for all the readers of the blog. If you use the code BROOK50 when ordering you get 50% off for the first 2 months subscription!

At a time when our kids are spending so much time with tablets or phones in front of their faces, isn't this just the perfect treat to get them back into reading and spending some quality time with them. Each personalised box comes not only with the books but with a fun newsletter, stickers and bookmarks! I hope you enjoy Bookabees as much as I have!

* I received one months subscription in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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